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Internal Corrosion Monitoring

Corrotek is one of the engineering companies with extensive experience in corrosion integrity, we understand that just as monitoring is a proactive approach to controlling corrosion, so is equipment maintenance that provides the vital data that protects people. and assets. Our internal corrosion monitoring equipment, manufactured by AXESS, is known throughout the world as the standard for use in internal corrosion monitoring.

AXESS is a world leader in corrosion monitoring technology. Its SONOWALL 70 or equivalent equipment uses highly sensitive ultrasonic technology to provide non-intrusive monitoring of corrosion and erosion. The instrument can be used to log multiple transducers from a common connection point, to provide periodic wall thickness measurements with day and time, or for more critical magnifications. You can automatically collect and store continuous measurements from a single translator.

AXESS supplies a wide range of corrosion monitoring equipment:

With routine maintenance and continuous use of
AXESS spare and consumable parts, our internal corrosion monitoring equipment can be
maintained for many years, with no interruptions in
production, but more importantly a guarantee of the safest operations.